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We (DIYManager Limited) provide the diymanager.com website. We are a Limited company registered in England and Wales (no. 6880991). We are a new company based in London with a solid support base of tradesmen and professionals.


We aim to provide you with the 'Know.How', support and contacts during the planning and implementation stages of your DIY project.


We have a strong partnership with Thomson Local who provide us with the listings of DIY companies. We provide a feedback link so we can hear about your experiences with the companies listed on our site.


We're focused on the environment and we've dedicated a tab on our site solely to Green DIY, providing you with information on: how to generate your own electricity, energy efficient installations, and ways to reuse and recycle.


We are strong believers of re-investment back into the community. Regular donations from the proceeds of our Green DIY pages are invested into environmental initiatives in the UK.


We are constantly refreshing our website with new information and new services, so keep an eye out for the updates and changes.


We appreciate your feedback and ideas so please don't keep it under your hat, use the Contact Us form to pass on your thoughts.


Thanks for checking us out!!


The DIYManager team

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