Management of Works

Aspects of site management which will ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently


Here is a list of considerations that you need factor into your planning before contractors begin work on your project:


Supervision of workers


It is important to know who is supervising work and staff on the site. If your main contractor is absent there needs to be someone on site who is experienced and qualified to sign off the quality of the works carried out.


Programme & progress


Ensure that you receive regular progress reports from your contractor in relation to the programme of works. This will enable you to keep a control over the costs and timing of the project so that any risk of slippage or cost increase can be identified early.


Ensure regular meetings take place


To ensure everyone has an understanding on the project plan and its progress regular meetings are a given. It pays to have a pre-contract meeting with the main contractor and dates agreed for subsequent meetings. Meetings should also take place between the contractor and any subcontractors in order to monitor progress and to identify any issues that may arise.


Keeping your site tidy


Ensure that the site is kept tidy each day and equipment is returned to its regular storage place. It will be more productive and safer for everyone


Waste disposal


With any building site there is going to be large quantities of waste. Ensure waste is disposed of properly. Keeping a skip on site all the time is not costly and it will ensure the site remains tidy each day.


The impact of weather conditions


Depending on the season you are working in there may be severe weather conditions that can cause delays with particular elements of work. The contractor should have contingency plans in place during adverse weather conditions in order to minimise delays. This may include employing more labour when the weather has improved or concentrating on making the property watertight before the bad weather hits.


Ownership of stripped out materials


With projects where demolition or clearing a site before renovation can start, there may be materials which need to be disposed of. Unless stated prior to the start of work these materials become the property of the contractor


Notice of completion


When the project or parts of the project are coming to completion you will have to carry out an independent inspection. Ensure: you have access to inspect the work, you review certificates for any tests carried out, access facilities are not removed until the work has been approved and you approve proposals for rectifying any defects.


Extension Time


You may have time penalties in your contract. If not, you may want to outline in the contract that any request for extension of time must be made well in advance of any completion dates previously stated.

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